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Recycled Jewelry: E-waste, Pencils, Broken Vintage Watches, and other “Junk”

April 20, 2011

 Rock some beautiful, quirky, and luxurious eco-friendly jewelry for  Earth Day. Kids aren’t the only one who can enjoy recycled jewelry. Take a look at some innovative and green jewelery brands…

Dust Design Co

The watch inspired ring pictured above is a product of this steampunk line that refashions pieces of vintage watches into gorgeous pieces of jewelery. Steampunk, a Victorian design aesthetic that mashes up the old with the new is a hot trend in the design world. Choose from a range of rings and necklaces by the company that will bring a little bit of the Victorian out in you.

Yuma Fujimaki

Yuma Fujimaki

This innovative designer makes edgy jewelery from e-waste, discarded electronic parts that were meant for the land fills. In the wake of the technology revolution, many of our beloved electronic gadgets are discarded as the newest iPod, smart phone, or laptop hits the market. However, e-waste is potentially both a tremendous environmental and humanitarian problem. Many electronic companies are instituting re-purposing and recycling programs to reduce e-waste.

Tomatedpingles pencil earrings

Tomate d’epingle

Ever feel guilty for throwing away those pencil stubs? Who knew that turning them into earrings could let you get that last bit of lead. This quirky and hip recycled jewelry line based out of Quebec, Canada, offers necklaces, earrings and bracelets made from unusual materials like film stock and zippers.

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Post by Iris Eben

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